The Best Methods to Get a Date with a Cougar Woman

Published: 10th August 2009
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Most people have seen in the media that older women dating younger men are receiving quite a lot of attention. These women, known as cougars, are keenly going after youthful, good-looking men to start rendezvous with. It is not just celebrities either, but normal men and women.

There are innumerable benefits to dating a cougar woman, not least that these women, are secure in themselves and do not come across as needy. They have knowledge of what they want and they are not worried about asking for it. This means things are a lot less stressful for the man in their life.

I guess you want to know how to get a date with a cougar woman? Well, the happy news is, once you have found them, they are very easy to flirt with and they will be happy to ask you out on a date. All you need to do is find out where the local cougar women in your area hang out. Imagine where young men are most likely to hang out. For example where does your local footie team go to celebrate a win? Go on a bit of a bar crawl with your friends and you will soon find the best places. Cougar women enjoy being around youthful, fit men so the places where footie clubs hang out are often good.

You will also want to go to expensive bars. It is true that cougar women are often quite rich and they like to spend their money. Suiting up in some nice clothes is a great idea, as cougar women often appreciate style and class. They like to look good and they expect their cub men to follow suit .

Once you have found the places cougars hang out in, there is no need to keep busting a gut. Smile and use confident body language. Try to catch the cougar woman's eye and stride up and ask to buy her a drink. Real cougar women will be quite open to this kind of flirtation and will flirt right back.

But what if you are a shy younger man, who still wants to date an older cougar woman? Don't fret there are lots of simple ways to start a relationship with the ideal cougar lady. The best option for shy men and those of you who can be a bit lazy is to give online dating a try.

There are plenty of online dating membership sites where you can create a profile for free to see whether it is right for you. Plus, there are online dating sites that specialize in cub and cougar dating, so you can sign up and begin hooking up with cougar women straight away. As cougar women are often rather forward, you will find that once you have filled in your profile and added a nice photo, women in your area will begin approaching you. It is good fun and most people find that before they know it they have more hook ups than they can fit in their date book.

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